Mere resolution of one problem (“fire fighting”) does not ensure that future contamination or microbial growth and survival events (e.g. resulting from emerging pathogens, new processes, new formulas, etc.) cannot occur. Training your quality assurance, quality control, sanitation, maintenance and repair professionals and factory microbiologists with the keys to preventing and resolving future contamination events can. Up to date training could save your company from future recalls, and may result in longer product shelf lives and higher quality products

Kornacki Microbiology Solutions offer on-site (private) and off-site (public) workshops and lectures. We have given lectures under a wide range of topics [link to presentations]. Other training in food safety microbiology can be developed and tailored to your needs.

Sample Workshop Curriculum

From course offered by Dr. Kornacki in San Diego, CA in January 2006
Microbiological Troubleshooting in Your Factory: Real Problems/Real Answers
This one-of-a-kind workshop focused on control of microbes in the food processing factory. A  course like this will be of special benefit to those quality control/assurance, laboratory and sanitation personnel who are involved in the process of microbiological control in their factories.

“How to Perform In-Factory Product Contamination Investigations”
A variety of techniques and principals can result in a more focused approach to resolution of contamination events in your factory. Principles of environmental sampling, statistical approaches to ingredient and finished product testing are covered. We are willing to focus our presentation on the types of products you produce.

“How to Conduct an On-Site Microbiological Risk Assessment”
This training addresses the questions “What is an on-site microbial risk assessment?”, ” Where do microorganisms grow in a factory environment?”, “What are the false paradigms that keep me from finding microbial contaminants in my factory?”, “How do microorganisms move from the factory environment into my product?”. Numerous examples of microbial growth niches will be described.

“Principles of Statistical Product and Ingredient Testing”
This training is focused on providing the Quality Assurance Manager with the tools needed to establish ingredient and finished product specifications. Participants should be able to answer the questions, “How many samples should I test per lot?”, “How can I establish reasonable specifications?”, “What key elements should I include in a specification?”, “What type of recognized sampling plans should I consider?”

“How Microorganisms Evade Quality Systems”
This lecture will show how a HACCP system is not enough to ensure processed food product safety. The relationship of HACCP to GMPs will be addressed. Numerous examples of how microbes have evaded quality systems will be described.

“Microbial Ecology and Control in Ready-to-Eat Meat Factories”
This training describes how microbes get established and move through Ready-To-Eat meat factories. Suggestions are given for control and prevention of these microbes in the factory environment.

“Microbial Ecology and Control in Dry Product Manufacturing Factories”
This training describes how microbes get established and move through dry manufacturing factory environments. Suggestions are given for control and prevention of these microbes in the factory environment. In this category of training we can provide training regarding the following topics:
Microbial Ecology and Control in Infant Formula Production Facilities
Microbial Ecology and Control in Dry Milk Processing Environment
Microbial Ecology and Control in Dry Blending Operations
Microbial Ecology and Control in the Rendering Industry

“Principals to Interpret Test and Re-test Results”
This training can include the meaning of indicator organisms, pathogens, spoilage organisms, and out of specification results. The meaning of re-tests can be addressed as well.

Dr. Jeffrey Kornacki, President and Technical Director of Kornacki Microbiology
Solutions, lecturing during KFSA Winter Workshop in San Diego, CA, 2005.


Dr. Jeffrey Kornacki lectures at in In-Factory Short Course Training Workshop.


Dr. Liang (CDC) Lectures at KFSA Winter Workshop San Diego 2005