Service tailored to your unique situation
These days, regulatory pressures, improvements in test methodology and food borne disease surveillance, emerging pathogens, customer and consumer awareness and demands, and a litigious society have resulted in unprecedented pressure to provide the highest quality and safest food supply in history. These pressures are unlikely to abate, but rather, increase. Regardless of your microbiological concern, we can provide a comprehensive trouble shooting service and training program tailored to meet your unique situation.
Our advice comes from years of working with the needs of the food industry. We can help you:

  • Review and interpret out-of-specification result.
  • Resolve disputes about disparate test results or interpretation of microbiological test data.
  • Develop and review HACCP plans.
  • Provide unbiased evaluations and advice regarding comprehensive food safety systems.
  • Assist in resolving undesirable contamination, be it a high product plate count, spoilage, or pathogen contamination concerns in the product or factory environment.
  • Develop educational programs specific to your factory environment.
  • Design research projects to evaluate new formulas or validate CCPs.
  • Help in the design/operation of your own testing laboratory.

See our comprehensive list of Microbiological Services and Educational Services for more information on how we can assist you.

Kornacki Microbiology Solutions have years of experience and academic training in resolving contamination situations in hundreds of food production facilities. We have guided numerous food manufacturers through national food product recalls. Our diverse food safety experience provides a solid knowledge base and sound principals for application to your unique situation.

We are able to provide solid statistically based product and ingredient sampling programs as well as recommendations regarding the application of appropriate tests.