Our experience in hundreds of food and feed manufacturing facilities and related services span a broad range of food production and services including but not limited to:

Food Processors

Meat Industry

  • Ready-to-eat meat and poultry
    • frankfurters, pepperoni, dry fermented sausages,
    • ham processors, chicken, turkey, etc.
  • Raw meat and poultry processors
    • sausage, ground beef, duck


Dairy Industry

  • fluid milk, ice cream, cheese, whey


Infant Food Industry

  • dry infant formula makers
  • dry infant cereal


Other dry products/ingredients industries

  • dry milk (roller drum, spray, box, filter mat drying operations)
  • spices, cheese, cereal



  • novel ice cream, cookies, snack food
  • salad dressing, TV dinners,
  • pet food
  • sandwich manufacturers


Feed Manufacturers

Rendering industry

  • meat and bone meal
  • poultry meal


Food Service

  • cafeterias
  • airline meals
  • delis



  • laboratory build outs
  • laboratory management
  • laboratory quality assurance systems
  • Good Laboratory Practices audits


Insurance Companies


Law Firms


International Experience

  • Laboratory systems review in France and Spain
  • Serbia – reference laboratory design and lectures related to development of food safety infrastructure.
  • Training of Serbian National Food Microbiologists in the United States.
  • Invited lectures in Mexico, Portugal and Serbia