Kornacki Microbiology Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to assisting food manufacturers resolve or prevent microbiological food contamination. Our expertise comes from years of working with the needs of the food industry as consultants, educators and scientists. We provide microbiological food safety expertise through service tailored to your unique situation, including consulting, educational workshops and other microbiological services. Call Kornacki Microbiology Solutions for help in addressing your food safety concerns.

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New! HQA Indicator Assay

HTEB / EB (HT) Hygienic Indicator Assay

Services include:Dr. Jeff Kornacki

  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Research design
  • Expert witness
  • CCP validation

We answer these questions: Where are the bacteria getting into your product? What’s the source? How do we find it? How do we control it?



Dr. Kornacki inducted as a fellow of the IAFP


Overview of services:

Dr. Kornacki and the raw milk debate:

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